Monday, February 23, 2009


I was having my breakfast and thinking of my father and it occurred to me that I don't ever hear about the fathers. When we talk / blog / chat about parents, it's almost always about the "Moms"...but what about the Dads? Where are they in this picture?

Everyone knows that my parents are divorced and that because I reside with my mother, she's the prominent figure in my life. Thats not to say that my father isn't in the picture...he is, quite prominently too. And we make one hellava quirky dysfunctional family...

But I want to know, where's your Daddy and what type of a person is/was he?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gastronomical Satiety: Tumultuous Toasted Tuna

I can cook, quite well actually. Or so I think until I go to one of my neighbour’s soiree’s and I’m put to shame by the culinary genius on display there. So I may not be a cuisine connoisseur like her, or even a culinary queen like her, or a food guru like him…but I have my moments.
I will not offer any of the usual renditions, as many of them may have already been done and no one really wants to know how I make Akni or Chicken Curry.

So instead I will post my whacky, weird and whimsical recipes that are usually either made up on the spur of the moment or are improvisations of recipes stored in the archives of my mind from some or other show I must have watched at some point in time.

Today’s recipe includes the following ingredients:
1 Can of Tuna
1 Small Onion
Olive Oil
1 Small Tomato
Feta Cheese
Parsley (Fresh or Dried)
Ground Peppercorns
Bread and Butter

Drain the Tuna from all the liquid in the can. Fry the onion in a little olive oil and drain completely once its golden brown. Add the fried onion, peeled and diced tomato, 2 tablespoons of Mayo, 1 finely diced/crumbled disk of feta cheese, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of ground pepper, a few diced up sprigs of parsley and a pinch of salt to the tuna. Mix well for 2 to 3 minutes and place a generous portion on buttered bread for toasting. Toast until golden brown and enjoy.

Ingredients to be used at one’s discretion and according to preferences.

Monday, February 16, 2009


In keeping with the theme of LIVE-ing, I've come up with a list of 1001 things to do before I die. I haven't managed to accomplish what I set out to do this month, due to unforeseen circumstances, but all things in due time. Anyways, this is not a sprint and one of the main conditions is that these activities should happen naturally, without being too demanding or laborious. I’m happy to report that I’ve managed to accomplish three goals this month, even though they may seem diminutive and insignificant.

So far, I’ve managed to join the Virgin Active Group. Anyone who knows me, knows the issues I’ve had with joining Virgin in the past…so I’m happy to report that I’ve taken huge strides to push those issues aside and for the past 4 weeks, I have been going to the gym regularly, Monday’s to Thursday’s between 06:00am and 07:00am. Sunday mornings are for swimming and the steam-room. It’s been going great so far, I have so much more energy than I use to and I’m already toned in places I thought impossible. The only snag is that these days, I’m always hungry…ask Nooj, WIP, MJ, Waseem and NK…they’ll verify this :D

I’ve also recently went to Cinema Nouveau for the first time. My experience was divine and I will definitely be using my Discovery/Ster Kinekor card to go and watch more Indie movies for half the price in the future. I went to watch “The Duchess”…excellent movie by the way. I love period / historical movies, especially when they are based on real events or people.

Another movie I managed to watch this weekend was “He’s just not that into you” and I laughed like a mofo throughout the entire movie. I’m glad to say that it confirmed every single thing I’ve been saying about people and relationships for the past 6 months. The movie manages to inter-twine the lives of various individuals who are involved in different types of relationships and emphasises what natural pathological liars men are and as a bonus, highlights how stupid women are, especially those who lie to themselves. Oh what a tangled web we weave.
I’ve said it a million times before and I will say it again. Stop lying people!!!
The only drawback of the movie, in my opinion, was that it ended too idealistically because face it, in life, there aren’t always happy endings. But that is why it’s called a MOVIE and New Line Cinema as well as Drew Barrymore’s production company, Flower Films had to ensure optimal commercial value.

And finally, inspired by a one Miss Shafs, I bought my first two books. I’m a member of 6 different libraries, both in South Africa and in the UK, because I love reading so much but I could never bring myself to actually buy a book. So I’ve resolved to buying the final book in the Cresswell Inheritance trilogy by Anita Burgh as well as the subsequent offering. I’ve read The House at Harcourt, The Visitor and The Broken Gate and I absolutely LOVED them. All of the books are centred on various inter-twining characters, set in mid to late 19th century in Britain, a time when £1 was equal to £58.68p in today’s currency. What I really love about the books is the way Burgh manages to connect and weave all the characters lives at different points in time in a rich tapestry of betrayal and intrigue.

And man how I love stories where characters are inter-twined…

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Love is...

It’s that time of the year again…the time when love goes on sale and there are more than a few punters willing to invest their time, money and efforts to support their “cause”. Personally, I’ve always maintained that Valentines Day is nothing more than a commercial ploy; a term coined by the capitalists and bureaucrats, designed to exploit the masses and pilfer that which they can’t claim from taxes and essentially screw everyone out of their hard earned cash through psychological indoctrination and manipulation.

But “What is it about love that makes us so stupid?...” We’re stupid for buying into the cult practice, we’re stupid for not buying into it, we’re stupid if we’re in relationships; we’re stupid if we’re not madly in love with someone. Either way, from all perspectives, in varying opinions, we’re stupid.
What is Love anyway? Is it the roses and chocolates that he buys for you? Is it the way she looks at you? Is it the fact that he takes you out on a date? Is it those invisible heart strings that tug every time you see each other?

Call me a cynic…I’d actually like to call myself realistic and pragmatic…but I don’t believe that society’s idealistic perceptions and notions of Love exists. Sure there is lust and infatuation, two of the most common emotions that most people mistake to be love. In essence, what people actually love are the feelings and emotions that resonate within their souls when interacting with the object of their affection. It is not so much the other person’s physical existence, then it is about how that person makes you feel intrinsically when you’re in his/her company. It feeds the ego and self-esteem and in these terms Love is a very narcissistic emotion. It’s all about you, and how you feel, and what pleases you…well that is the mass produced version of Love anyway.

The one thing I do love is history. It allows you to capture moments in time before any inkling of you existed and one can even learn a few lessons from the lives of others. I recently stumbled upon a historical account of St. Augustine, and some of his works, the most notable being The Confessions, an autobiographical account of a period in his life. Augustine of Hippo, also known as St. Augustine was a philosopher and theologian, born on the 13th of November 354 in modern day Algeria to a catholic mother and pagan father. He was of Berber descent, not Roman as many believe, and lived a hedonistic lifestyle in his early years, much to the dismay of his religious mother. After undergoing an overwhelming personal crisis at the age of 32, Augustine decided to convert to Christianity, abandon any ideas of marriage and devote his life to God and priesthood. His personal friend, Possidius detailed Augustine’s personal traits and portrayed him as “a man who ate sparingly, worked tirelessly, despised gossip, shunned the temptations of the flesh, and exercised prudence in the financial stewardship of his see…and spent his final days in prayer and repentance”.

For me, the most captivating of Augustine’s thoughts are those of time and free will. Augustine believed that “God exists out of time in the ‘eternal present’; that time only exists within the created universe because only in space is time discernable through motion and change”.
Augustine also explains that “Any can be saved if they wish…while God knows who will be saved and who will not, with no possibility that one destined to be lost will be saved, this knowledge represents God’s perfect knowledge of how humans will freely choose their destinies”. These very sentiments were confirmed 200 years later, by our beloved Prophet SAW and was relayed to me a few months ago by Mufti Ebrahim Desai, when I enquired whether Dajjal (The Anti-Christ) would go to Hell (since his actions have already been pre-determined before his advent whilst the Devil consciously disobeyed The Almighty i.e. he was good and became evil).

Augustine is also famously known for his contributions to Christianity in the form of a psychological explanation of the Trinity and Original Sin of which I personally don’t accept to be true. But these aspects do not interest me as much as his views on love and lust.

“There seethed all around me a cauldron of lawless loves. I loved not yet, yet I loved to love, and out of a deep-seated want, I hated myself for wanting not. I sought what I might love, in love with loving, and I hated safety…To love then, and to be beloved, was sweet to me; but more, when I obtained to enjoy the person I loved. I defiled, therefore, the spring of friendship with the filth of concupiscence, and I beclouded its brightness with the hell of lustfulness.” (Confessions 3.1.1)

According to Augustine, it is important to note the difference between love and lust because lust is an over indulgence whilst love is peace. He even stated that he was in love with the notion of Love and embarked on a lifelong journey to find the ever elusive Love. He eventually found Love in his relationship with God and came to the conclusion that only God can truly love you unconditionally, because human love is flawed and breeds emotions like “jealousy, suspicion, fear, anger, and contention.” Augustine believed that to love God is “to attain the peace which is yours.” (Saint Augustine Confessions)

I’ve witnessed the idealistic views of Love, often by those who have not witnessed Hate. And most who have not witnessed hatred come from nuclear families, cosy homes with married parents who bicker occasionally about matters that are as serious as dry laundry. There is a thin line between love and hate, which is called evil…and every good emotion and act, is balanced out with its evil counterpart. I’ve seen the evil side of Love, what it can do, how it can tear people, families and even countries apart. People do strange things in the name of Love. The very emotion that inflames passion can incite enough destruction and devastation that could rival a nuclear explosion.

A simple yet effective example of Love at its best and worst is evident in the television series Prison Break Seasons 1 & 2, where every single character is driven to abysmal acts and despicable behaviour…all in the name of love. Michael Scofield loves his brother and therefore plans to help him escape from prison. Lincoln was framed for a crime he didn’t commit because he was out trying to get money to support his loved ones. Sarah’s actions are motivated by her love for Michael. Veronica is inclined to help with Lincoln’s case because she still loves him. The rejection of the one he loved pushes a physically and emotionally abused T-bag to become a murderer, rapist and paedophile. Sucre was imprisoned for trying to get enough money to buy an engagement ring for the love of his life by robbing a convenience store. Abruzzi eventually dies when he goes after Fibonacci, whose testimony would have ensured that Abruzzi never saw his loved ones again. C-Note is driven by his love for his wife and daughter. Even agent Mahone’s actions are influenced by the love he has for his wife and child.

So love is not as pure, idyllic and innocent as most would like to believe. It has its dark shadows and what lurks there, no one wants to know. It’s a rather complex and intricate emotion and is not bound by restrictions and limitations. Love is capable of anything, and transcends the boundaries we set up for ourselves.

I’ve come to see Love as more than material gestures. Love is when you look in the mirror and you like what you see. Love is when a mother feeds her baby, patiently waiting for the child to swallow. Love is a friend’s unwavering support through good and tough times. Love is smiling up at the sky even when it is pouring on your face. Love is a concerned friend’s long-distance phone call to see if you’re ok. Love is a husband nursing his sick wife back to health. Love is a child’s laughter that warms your heart. Love is when your parent’s discomfort is a source of anxiety for you. Love is when you give your sister your last piece of cake even though it was so delicious and you wanted it for yourself. Love is when something positive happens in your life and you think of your Creator. Love is finding money in your pocket when you thought you had none. Love is that hug when you see a good friend after a few months. Love is the pain you feel when someone you knew has passed on. Love is the good memories shared by people.

Love is self-less and unconditional. Therefore, Valentines Day is everyday.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I've got that song in my head:

"Changes in my life, I wont leave you behind, 

Changes in my life, You will see in time, 
Changes in my life, You're always on my mind, 
Changes in my life, I've got you by my side...
Theres so many changes in my life, 
I don't know if its wrong or if its right, 
And I want you, want you by my side, 
Everything is gonna be alright... "

It makes me want to throw a massive party :D

I've got so much going on in my mind right now and unfortunately a massive party is going to have to take a back seat for now. Thats not to say that I've thrown my entire social life out of the window; no, in fact I'm still keeping to my "Do-one-thing-every-month-that-I-haven't-done-before-and-makes-me-happy" thing, and February's report is still coming. I fully intend to LIVE my life this year, as I so often preach. And that includes working hard, and playing harder.

In light of this and speaking of windows, I've decided to change Azra's Window to Azra's Adventures. The change will occur on the 1st of March 2009 and the URL is expected to change as well. Stay tuned for more info.
The Window was filled with reflections and introspection and has encapsulated and been somewhat emblematic of a life that was...what I've become in the last 25 to 26 years.
Azra's Adventures will see a whole new era in the evolution of Azra. I'm still open to introspection and reflection. I haven't entirely forsaken the depths of my soul ...and all that jazz. What I have recognised is that most times, we just think waaaay too much and we look for answers where there aren't any. Sometimes, things just are the way they are. They don't command lengthy inquisitions or over-analysis...they just are. With age, there comes wisdom and a strange contentment that it difficult to define. I'm not looking and searching for answers to the universe and life. I'm not longing or yearning for things that I can't have. I'm not trying to figure out who I am and how I fit into the grander scheme of things. I'm not internalising the worlds problems and trying to alter what cannot be changed.

I've come to accept that I am ME...and thats all I can ever be. All I can do for the world and myself is to try, give every day my best shot and help wherever I can. But I come first, because if I can't take care of myself, how can I be expected to take care of others?
And coming first to me means that I take care of ME. I will try to enhance my life as best as I can. And I will have fun while I'm doing it. Afterall, life is too short to shit-nit-pick about stupid things all the time.

Being the perceptive person I am (not vain, just honest), I've seen people out there that are so desperately searching for answers, trying to find this meaning that they are so convinced exists...looking for ways to justify their actions, the world, their lives...its an intense and anally retentive existence. They are too busy looking, searching, yearning and pining to enjoy anything in life...there always has to be more...some manna from heaven, some divine secret even when there is none. Then there are those people who are emotionally empty, seeking assurance and validation on the blog so that they can fill their empty souls and the growing void.
Dont get me wrong, I'm not for or against people's motives when it comes to blogging. Frankly its none of my business and I could care less. But what concerns me is that I can see how their efforts and time is being wasted. I feel like I already know the answers, but my knowledge is lost on them. It's almost like an adult trying to talk to an adolescent and the teen is just not interested in the wisdom that the adult imparts, the same adult who has been there done that. But I guess we all have our paths to walk, and some find their way much faster than others. It hasn't always been easy, but I'm so grateful for my life.

I'm expecting things to become very interesting in the future, in a good, fun and positive way. And as MJ would say, you lucky bitches will be first hand witnesses to everything that happens :D

I've had a few people ask me about my up coming schedule and course content. These are the subjects that I'm registered for this year:
Financial Reporting
Organisational Behaviour
Business Law and Ethics
Management Accounting
Change Management
Managerial Statistics
Managerial Economics
Information Management
Marketing Management
Financial Management
Operations Management
Strategy Formulation and Implementation 1
Strategy Formulation and Implementation 2

There are 7 individual assignments, 7 group assignments and 8 exams per semester. I have classes from 3:45pm until 10:15pm twice a month on Monday nights. Next year's course load is very similar, with different subjects of course. The third year is dedicated to writing up a Thesis.

So no kidding when I say that I've got my work cut out for me. But I also have two International holidays coming up this year, so it's not all about work.

If anything, I'll just be broke for the next year or two...but if things work out the way I expect them to, then I seriously don't mind. After all, why do you want to sit with a hefty bank balance and stare at the four walls of your bedroom? How is your bank balance going to help you when you're staring death in the face? Where is the living in hoarding? People are obsessed with money and the future, often forgetting that time and our sustenance comes from The Almighty alone. Thats not to say that we should splurge and live excessively or extravagantly or in debt, theres more to it than that. Life is short, people are dying like flies. I can't say this enough...get off your ass and LIVE dammit!

Friday, February 6, 2009

There you go...

I've just signed away three years of my life. It's three years I'm hoping will pay off in the long run. My sentence officially begins today :D

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Poetic Justice

Mother was a victim of a smash-and-grab yesterday afternoon on her way to fetch Birdy from Varsity. Only, it was more smash then grab. Apparently, the guy broke the passenger window and grabbed Mother’s bag from where it was sitting in the middle of the two seats. Mother then grabbed her bag too and they were engaged in a little tug-o-war in the middle of traffic. Mother’s foot was firmly glued to the brakes, her left hand clenched her bag and its contents with an iron grip, whilst her right fist repeatedly slammed down on the perpetrator’s head. All the immobile cars in the various lanes began hooting violently, with some people shouting, and the gentlemen in the car in front of Mothers’ even stepped out of his vehicle to help out. By then, the offender had run off, his pal and assistant in tow.

We’ve been joking about the way Mama Bear pounded away at the guy’s head ever since. I guess her reaction shocked her, even though none of us expected her to react any differently since Mother has always been a fighter. But I find myself somewhat enraged by the whole incident. I play it back over and over in my mind, trying to fathom the sequence of events as they occurred and I wish I was there with a hammer or panga (whip) to beat the shit out of him. I even envision going back to the scene of the crime, hiding out in the back seat, waiting for him to come so that I could put a hammer through his head. I can see myself knocking him so hard that he falls down, then climbing out of the car and proceeding to bash his brains out, just so that I could make an example out of him.

Tweets always tells me that in the cartoon world, I would be the Punisher, always taking justice to extremes; and that two wrongs don’t make it right. Now I can understand and I acknowledge that to be true, but I can’t help believing that some people need to be taught certain “hard” lessons. Some people never learn, and as long as we let them off the hook, they will continue on their path of destruction.

An example of this is a certain Evil Aunty who has a penchant for the dark arts and black magic. She does not accept that what she is doing is wrong, and vehemently believes that she is entitled to everything she wants in this life and will ensure that she gets it by employing Satan to do her dirty work. Now Evil Aunty aka Evila, was once very rich and affluent in society and had men crawling at her feet. She was the type of woman who was always hungry for attention and admiration. She would snap her fingers, and expect to have everyone clamouring around her offering praise and approbation. But as the years went on, her true wicked self began to emerge, no longer disguised behind deceptive smiles and insincere words and people began to see the darkness of her soul. This was a woman who got everything she ever wanted in life. And when her life took a turn for the worst, she resorted to punishing everyone…because if she was to suffer, then she was going to make sure that everyone else suffered too. No one is allowed to be happy in her sick and twisted mind. She will play the innocent victim, catch them in her web of lies and malevolence and then revel in their misery.
Now I’m no advocate for violence towards women, but I can’t help feeling that if someone in her life…be it her father, brothers or even husband…had stepped in at some point in time and given her a good thrashing every now and then, she wouldn’t be half as evil as she is now.

I know of so many people, who could use some poetic justice and tough love. The son who is a substance abuser because he’s bored…the heart-breaker who thinks its ok because he’s good-looking…the criminal who steals out of greed…the housewife who sleeps with his best friend because she’s selfish…
Most of the candidates that qualify for some tough love and poetic justice often have it all. They either have the perfect family, or the loving husband, loads of cash at their disposal, and way too much time on their hands. Some are just plain greedy; too lazy to earn their keep and need to resort to activities like larceny and theft to sustain their lavish or indulgent lifestyles. People, in general, also love drama. So wherever there is greed, too much time, money and ego, there is sure to be some form of drama. I’ve always believed that dramatic flair makes an otherwise dreary and monotonous existence more bearable. And it is human nature to take things and other people for granted; so they begin to believe that they are entitled to whatever they want and start behaving in ways that enforce those beliefs; and they don’t care much for the casualties.

The biggest problem with the world is that there are too many people who are just too willing to sit on the sidelines and say nothing because it is safe. It’s this very mindset which fosters and perpetuates the notion that “this is not my problem”.

The sad reality is that it is everyone’s problem.

And it can be solved, one bitch-slap at a time :D

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

Goldilocks and the 3 Turbulent Episodes
So there I was, driving all by my lonesome, down the weather beaten road to Potchefstroom. The bumps in the road were reminiscent of the turbulence we experienced on the flight to Durban before we embarked on our little sea adventure. Ironically, we experienced a similar turbulent episode while making our way through rough seas on the way back to Port.
It had never occurred to me that Potchefstroom is in an entire different province, 120km’s away, and I found myself driving 100km/h for like an hour. I was miffed when I found out that I had to go there; it’s never been on my list of priorities. I saw things one should never see during the week; miles of rolling hills, rivers and dams, sunflower and corn fields, ostrich and cattle farms and even an army base. I drove past places one should never have to pass when not on holiday…places like Kabalasfontein and Fochville.
I went through all that, just so that I could write a test to establish that I was eligible to enroll in the MBA program. The University itself is pretty cool though, the atmosphere is very relaxed even though the architecture is emblematic of Apartheid South Africa. The main building looks like a 17th century Dutch house. Potchefstroom is a quaint little town in the middle of nowhere, big enough to have their own amenities and retail stores, and yet small enough to drive through in 10 minutes. It’s the kind of town where people leave their Mercedes Benz running with their 2 year kid strapped in the back while they pop into a local store or library, and nothing happens.
If anyone ever wondered where all the Afrikaaners (Dutch-speaking white people) went after the 1994 elections, I’m happy to report that most of them are alive and well in Potchefstroom. I hear that there are others in Klerksdorp, but that’s just a rumor until someone can verify it for me. And they have manners. I stood motion-less, waiting to cross the pathway to the Library while ± 500 boys, “Freshmen” first-years waiting to become men, marched army-style from one block to another, each of them bestowing their salutations and acknowledging my presence with a curt Móre Dame (Good Morning Lady). I must have nodded and said Móre (Good Morning) at least 250 times, one for every two I received.
And then I had to answer questions like “If Johnny’s life expectancy at the age of 2 years is 71.5 years, what is the average life expectancy of the bees that built the hive in the gutter near his bedroom window?”…I’m kidding, it was difficult though, but not impossible. I hate Calculus by the way. I was quite relieved to find out that I would not have to commute to the quaint town on a regular basis.

Snow White and the Seven Bitches
So there I was, minding my own business, when someone commented on my little summer “tan”. Now I could care less what people think or say about me and I actually like my darker skin tone; but I just cannot seem to comprehend why people, especially Indians, are so obsessed with fair skin. They are the only ones who will notice or comment on stupid things like Sun-burn. By some strange twist of fate, both Dad and Mother have the dichotomy of fair and dark skin tones within their families, with half of each respective family being quite fair in complexion and the other half slightly darker. I remember when we were little rugrats and use to go swimming at the public pool in Mayfair. It was a time when very few had invested in their own aquatic recreational facilities and Virgin Active was still a foetus in the womb of Richard Branson’s mind.
There was one particular day, when we all went home looking much darker then usual, thanks to 9 hours of unprotected exposure to the sun, and my Aunt exclaimed “Oh my word, look at how black you all are”. Ignorant Aunt is quite fair in complexion, so to make derogatory remarks means nothing to her. I have two particular cousins on Mothers side of the family who are sisters; the one is very fair with blue eyes and blonde-ish hair and the other is much darker, with black glossy hair and brown eyes. Society’s bigotry and prejudice ideals become evident and are displayed when one witnesses how differently people treat these two girls. I guess it doesn’t occur to some people that everyone’s corpse looks the same.

Beauty and the Feast
So there we were, four sisters on the quest for the perfect cupcake…the stuff fairytales are made of; which turned out to be more like the long walk to freedom. It was all Tweets fault actually. She watches too much Top Billing and then wants to try out everything they feature on a weekly basis. It was on one such evening that she got the idea of trying out the gourmet cupcakes at a Patisserie called Moemas in Parktown North. So off we went that blistering Saturday morning; first stop, to pick up little 5 year old Peanut, the fourth edition to my Father’s quartet of girls. Now we should have known that the day was going to be a disaster from the moment we left, especially since we were over an hour past our pre-determined departure time (because hair and make-up takes that long) and Dad had to call twice to see if we were coming to fetch Peanut. She was so excited when she climbed into the car, as she usually is at our monthly “Sisters day” and enthusiastically waved goodbye to her mommy. I promised Dad we’d drive safely and off we went.
We got to Parktown in no time and set out to find the Patisserie, but no such luck. We drove up and down several streets, followed the directions in the map-book, stopped twice to ask other people for help and still nothing. We had been driving around Parktown for over an hour, the heat, exhaustion and frustration getting to us and it was not long before we were all snapping at each other. Tweets finally managed to get comprehensible directions from a little Bistro on one of the streets, and there, nestled between various other shops and café’s, tucked away in the corner, hidden from plain sight was Moemas, holding the coveted cupcakes hostage.
We stood outside the shop window, looking wide-eyed at all the delights displayed, mouths agape, speechless. It was like Willy-Wonka’s factory and we all had a golden ticket. This was where the quest had ended. Unfortunately for us though, there were so many patrons, that we had to wait for another hour to get a table. By the time we were eventually seated outside, we were famished, drained and flustered. We ordered several monstrous triple chocolate cupcakes, one slice of blueberry cheesecake as well as a slice of another cake that looked so delicious, no one bothered to ask for the name. The chocolate cupcakes were divine, as was expected, but very rich. We were soon so thirsty, that when I offered Peanut some bottled water, her little mouth ravaged the contents like a stranded, dehydrated man finding an oasis after 10 days in the Sahara desert. Her five year old tummy was so full after that, she couldn’t drink her milkshake.
There was a stupid grin on our weary faces after that as we made the long trek home. Upon asking my Dad what Peanut’s account of the day was like, he replied that she said “We drove, and we drove, and we drove, and we drove, and we drove, and we drove, and we drove, and we drove, and we drove, and we drove, and we drove, and we drove, and we drove and then we got there. And then we ate, and we ate, and we ate, and we ate, and we ate, and we ate, and we ate, and then we were full”. The day was horrendous, but so worth it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Total cost between R12K and R15K for 10 days and includes 3 additional days in Dubai. Tour is very basic, covering Moscow and St. Petersburg but there are no rules, going with the flow :D
I'm looking to depart on the 25th of June 2009, no compromises because I return from Dublin/London, from a completely different holiday :D, on the 24th of June.

PLEASE. This invitation excludes difficult people. No hardcore party-goers because I'm not going all the way to fucking Russia to babysit morons. AND no Party-Poopers either, if you're interested, leave your pessimistic nagging ass at home.

Warning to Freaks: I'm not afraid of anything or anyone, I WILL CUT YOU...UGLY. If you want to meet Satan, then get on my nerves.

If anyone (ie. normal people) is interested, email me.